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Usage and History
Unarmed combat is a vital part of any martial arts system and this was no different in Medieval Europe. Fighting unarmed is something that almost every person in the middle ages would have some experience with, but only warriors and knights had the time to perfect the techniques. Unarmed combat was part of the training for any swordsman and continued to be important with rapier combat during the Renaissance.
While Sword Academy stresses armed combat; just like the historical masters we also study accurate unarmed combat. While it is not usually associated with European fighting styles, there is extensive documentation in many of the manuals we study.
Being trained in unarmed combat is of great value because once you have closed inside the range of your weapon or if a weapon is unavailable, it is still necessary to be able to attack and defend. Skill in unarmed combat also allows a combatant to see openings that would otherwise be missed. Knowing when to throw a punch, kick a leg or step in and throw an opponent to the ground is valuable even when fighting armed. Because of the nature of Medieval combat most of the unarmed techniques are designed to cause debilitating injuries and differ from modern submission wrestling.
Unarmed combat was also conducted while wearing full plate armor. Wrestling in armor can often cause more damage to an opponent than most weapons because of the protection armor provides. Joints can be manipulated and twisted and the protruding edges of armor plates can be hooked and locked to perform devastating throws.
Another form of combat that is similar to unarmed is dagger fighting. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance it was common for people to carry daggers with them and when fights broke out it was necessary to be able to fight with them and against them.

Unarmed Combat:

Tėras Kasļ - Tėras Kasļ, which roughly translated means "Steel Hands" was created and perfected by the Bunduki. Widely recognized as a superior martial art to most others, this fighting style has had many follows, be the pre clone wars Jedi, or the mysterious followers of Palawa, who followed the art form almost as if it was a religion.


Aryx Slash - attack posture

Charging Wampa - stance

Dancing Dragonsnake - stance

Forraderi - strong stance giving the warrior ability to move fluidly in any direction

Nexu Grin - attack posture

Rancor Rising - enables warrior to move from squatting position to standing in one fluid motion

Riding Bantha - provides warrior with wide stance in which to move into other positions

Slashing Wampa - Attack posture

Striking Sarlacc - Attack posture


Death weave - series of attacks delivered in quick succession

Shenbit Bonecrusher Blow - devastating attack, if delivered correctly, it can prove fatal to the opposition

Upon the mastery of Tėras Kasļ, an individual will be awarded with the Palawa band to show that the wearer is a true master of the art form. This is considered a great honor among the ranks of the follows of Tėras Kasļ.

This is of course the best known form of combat, however there are many more in existence, as well as simple brawling, all of which can be implemented in the ACC.

Hapan Boxing: A stylish fighting form reminiscent to Kick boxing, this is only widely used in the Hapan cluster, however some outsiders do specialize it. |This fighting style is used more by the aristocrats and noblemen, but nevertheless is a strong martial art, with incredibly powerful punches. The user would need to have immense upper body strength to be able to use the form to the full potential it offers.

Shockboxing: A fighting style that is easy to learn, powerful, and dangerous, the users not needing to be as strong to master it. The user wears two gloves (if the user is humanoid) that deliver electrical shocks when contact is made, the stronger the punch, the stronger the shock.

Echani: An almost forgotten fighting style, taught to all the royal guardsmen of the Emperor, it is commonly fought with the aid of two small knives, the wielder needs to go through years of rigorous training to master. The fluid movements of this combat are much like Form VII lightsaber combat, unpredictable, and barely restrained emotion as the combatant fights. This fighting style should be wielded with caution.

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